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Index :

Backing up your saves :

  1. Download the latest stable Vitashell.vpk from here
    and install it on your PSVita if you don't have it already.

  2. Find out the "GAMEID" of the game, you can do so for example by searching the game on this site.
    For this tutorial I will use PCSB00245 (Persona 4 Golden)

  3. Open Vitashell and create a folder ux0:/decrypted/GAMEID (replace GAMEID with your games ID!)
    If the decrypted folder does not exist, create it first.
    So for me it is ux0:/decrypted/PCSB00245

  4. Now navigate to ux0:/user/00/savedata/

  5. Move the selection over the GAMEID you want to backup (for example move to PCSB000245)

  6. Press the triangle key and select "Open decrypted"

  7. Move down once and press triangle again.

  8. Press on "Mark all", press triangle again, press on "Copy"

  9. Now go inside your created folder at ux0:/decrypted/GAMEID
    So for me it is ux0:/decrypted/PCSB00245

  10. Press triangle and select "Paste"

  11. Go inside the sce_sys folder and *delete* these files if you see them :
    "keystone" , "sealedkey" and "clearsign"

  12. Now transfer the folder to your PC and doublecheck if you deleted said files.

  13. Pack the folder with a tool as a zip file.
    On windows you can rightclick the folder and select "Send To" -> "Zip"

  14. Now you go to upload on this site and insert the right information for the savegame.
    Please confirm that you entered everything correctly because it might be declined otherwise.

Restoring saves :

  1. Download the latest stable Vitashell.vpk from here
    and install it on your PSVita if you don't have it already.

  2. You should have opened the game (and maybe saved) once,
    to have it create it's savedata folder (ux0:/user/00/savedata/GAMEID/)
    (GAMEID is depending on the game used.
    Example: Persona 4 Golden EU Version has the GAMEID PCSB000245)

  3. Download a savegame from here or get it from a friend.

  4. Extract the zip and copy the folder to your vita , for example to ux0:/decrypted/GAMEID/

  5. In Vitashell go inside that folder and if you see "sealedkey", "keystone" or "clearsign" delete those files.
    These could be in a sce_sys folder.

  6. Now still in that folder ux0:/decrypted/GAMEID/ press triangle and "Mark All"

  7. Press triangle again and select "Copy"

  8. Navigate to ux0/user/00/savedata/ and hover the selector over your GAMEID

  9. You have to press triangle again and then "Open decrypted"

  10. Yet again another triangle press and then "Paste"

  11. Now you should be ready to open the game!

Other bugfixes (unchecked(only copypaste)):

Some games require special work to get the save working :

A comment from NijiBashira on https://github.com/d3m3vilurr/vita-savemgr/issues/4

I asked about this on GBATemp and got this answer :
"The physical version of this game saves on grw0. The patch is also located in grw0.
Usually, to dump save, the save manager replaces the patch in ux0. But in this case, grw0 patch is started first.
So you need to manually copy the save manager patch from ux0 to grw0. Then, restart the game: the save manager should start instead.
Once you get your save, don't forget to put back the original patch in grw0."
So what I did is :
Start Vita-savemgr and select Muramasa (with the cartridge inserted)
Once Muramasa starts normally, exit and close it.
Start Vita Shell and go to grw0:patch/
Go to ux0:patch/ and copy the PCSE00240 folder
Paste it in grw0:patch/
Start the game, the dumper should start
Once you're done, restore the grw0:patch/PCSE00240 folder to the backup you made.
Notes :
I only tested this on Muramasa, so I don't know if it'd work for other games.
PCSE00240 is the Title ID of the US version of Muramasa. It will be different for other versions of the game and (obviously) other games.

Remove trophy warning and gain trophies again

A) Use trophy fixer (UNTESTED by me!) https://www.psxhax.com/threads/psv-trophies-fixer-v1-0-vpk-and-ps-vita-demo-by-yoti-dev.3157/

B) Comment from Cinnamon on : https://gbatemp.net/threads/turn-off-you-cannot-have-trophies-with-this-application.447445/

Do this to remove this warning and be able to gain trophies again. This also works if you want to transfer saves from an account to another.
1. Use Vita Save Manager to export the save of the game you want to fix.
2. Open the save in Vitashell and enter the folder sce_sys.
3. Delete everything except sdslot.dat.
4. Open ux0/user/00/savedata and delete the save for the game you want to fix.
5. Import the save again. Even though it the slot may look empty, the save is still there.
6. Run the game!
(7). Export the save again just to have a fixed backup and make Vita Save Manager see the save. (Optional)